Monday, May 30, 2011

The Kittrell Family 1850 North Carolina to Alabama to Walker, Texas

The White Kittrells - The Black Kittrells The Mulatto Kittrells In between Plantation to Plantation

The Harrison's of Huntsville, Texas

The Legacy of Half Sisters Lizzie & Honey Rigsby

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Who Were The Old Black Texas 443 ?

An 1826 census in Austin's Colony indicated 1,800 total population - 1,357 white settlers and 443 slaves. I know how many they were, but who were the slaves ? What were their names? This blog's goal is to name them and their descendants in Black Texas one by one... I am one of those descendants.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Thawson Legacy 1879

Springhill Hempstead County Hope, Arkansas
Emanuel Thawson my great great grandfather became a freedman in Springhill Hempstead county in 1863 by 1879 he become one of the few African Americans granted a homestead in 1879 Arkansas. His only son Frederick Thawson had come to Texas Harrison County before 1880... Becoming the father of my grandmother Mae Eva Thawson my mother's mother .....

The Rigby Family Texas 1828

The begining as perceived....


My "quest" on this blog is to chronicle my search for all members of my paternal and maternal family lines both originating in Texas before it was independent of Mexico. Being an African American means that search will include scaling the "The Wall of Slavery". In order to track the slaves I must track the slave owners. This will reveal both legacies....
The search will lead through many small and infinite places in Texas and eventually BACK to the motherland of Africa... the GOAL is to NAME the slaves not just count them. When the slavers took away the names they enabled the African's humanity to be suppressed making their (the enslavers) utter cruelty acceptable The "naming process" restores their humanity...